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L+J Engineering has announced the latest edition of the MCG 2000 transmitter, the MCG 2000 Max, for level monitoring on tank farms.

The MCG 2000 Max uses L+J absolute magnetic encoding to provide accuracy with 1/32in standard and with 1/64in accuracy as an available option.

The reduction in power consumption makes the power transmitter suitable for wireless applications in which the MCG 2000 Max can be powered via solar power with battery backup or battery power only.

This version also supports all of the existing and future communication protocols, which means it can be easily integrated into any system.

L+J has replaced the foot and inch optical discs with foot and inch magnetics, allowing the use of a smaller housing than previous offerings.

The MCG 2000 Max has an expanded range of 0-128ft.

By using absolute magnetic encoding the number of parts required is lowered.

MCG 2000 Max is completely unaffected by power failures in tank farms without the use of batteries.

When power is restored, the transmitter will accurately reflect the current level, even if it has changed, without the need for additional calibration.

The MCG 2000 Max has a local graphical LCD display with the ability to display up to 10 times more information than the 2 x 16 character LCD display used on previous generations of the MCG 2000.

The MCG 2000 Max can be configured via infrared technology by using the MCG 2150 Handheld Infrared Calibration without violating explosion proof environments.

It uses Smart Flash Technology to allow the end user to ‘flash’ updates to the transmitter using the L+J MCG 3900 WINGauge Inventory Management System, the MCG 3920 WINFlash software, or the MCG 2151 SFI Programmer.

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