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Mclennan Servo Supplies has increased its offering of Allied Motion products to include additional direct-drive torque motors, brushless servo motors, high-performance servo drives and encoders.

Highlights of the latest products available from Mclennan include the Megaflux range – large frameless and separate rotor/stator servo motors, up to 790mm in diameter that offer increased power density and speed ratings.

These motors are characterised by a high pole count that maximises torque output and rotational smoothness.

The housed versions of these motors, complete with bearing system, commutation and position feedback device are aimed at direct-drive high-precision motion control in demanding automation applications such as robotics, where the large through aperture may be used to feed services such as electrics, optics or pneumatics.

Allied Motions ultra-high-resolution encoders can provide outputs up to five million counts per rev for an angular resolution of less than one arc second.

The technology does not compromise the speed bandwidth that is often found with other manufacturers high-resolution encoders (for example, 250,000 counts per rev at 3,750rpm).

Allied Motion’s Enduramax integrated-drive brushless DC motors include the 75mm diameter BE 30 model, which includes single- or dual-shaft versions for a wide range of commercial applications such as pumps, fans or actuators.

With its integral 12V or 24V BLDC drive, the Enduramax is available with optional CANopen bus control, various environmental protection options and automotive style electrical connection for simplified fit-and-forget installation.

The X-Drive all-digital AC servo drive is capable of providing up to 16A continuous current for brushless servomotors and torque motors up to a 4.7kW power rating.

With its integral direct-on-line power supply (110-240V AC) and I/O capabilities, the X- Drive will suit a wide range of servo motion control applications.

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