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Mclennan has launched an intelligent microstepping drive aimed at simplifying the selection and installation of motion control for single-axis applications in industry or research.

The Posistep is supplied as a plug-and-play package in a smart extruded aluminium enclosure for desktop mounting, complete with a 120/240V AC and 50/60Hz power supply.

It has a colour-coded connector scheme and optional cable sets for stepper motor, I/O, communications, limit switches and optional encoder feedback.

Users simply hook up their system and program motion, and I/O sequencing, from a computer in a choice of graphical or advanced ASCII command sets.

The Posistep is available with 5A or 10A output current and can be supplied with matching microstepping motors from Mclennan’s connectorised HT series.

The Posistep drive is based on the ST range of intelligent microstepping drives from Applied Motion Products (AMP).

The ST has a choice of user program levels, from simple to complex motion programming, for single and multi-axis use, as well as diagnostic and configuration software for straightforward setup.

Industrial users can fast track new product development or speed production machinery build, while research facilities can specify the Posistep as a universal solution that is easily adapted into new automated analytical tasks.

The Posistep includes a selectable microstepping resolution up to 50,800steps/rev.

On startup, AMP’s ST Configurator software is used to self test and automatically set up the motion axis for optimal performance.

A choice of AMP’s Si or Q motion software provides a two-level approach.

The Windows-based SI (Simple Indexer) graphical programming software is an icon-based programming environment with mouse-guided point and click functions that allows users of all levels to quickly set up and program standalone motion and machine I/O sequencing.

The SI version covers interfacing with sensors, PLCs, HMIs and other machine controls.

In addition to motion commands, programmers can control I/O, conditional branching, alarms and operator interfacing, as well as troubleshoot setup.

The alternative Q controller version uses AMP’s high-level Q programming language, which includes complex multi-tasked motion and machine control.

These include applications that require tightly synchronised on-the-fly motion and I/O, such as electronic-gearbox and position-registration functions.

The Q version can be combined with encoder feedback for stall detection and position maintenance to return a motor to its commanded position under stall conditions.

Both controller versions carry a complement of I/O for machine interfacing.

The Q version has two high-speed inputs for position registration, in addition to six general-purpose inputs, two analogue inputs and four digital outputs.

In addition to colour-coded motor, encoder and limit switch cables, Mclennan also supplies a simple Jog Box with a rocker switch and an MMI extension cable.

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