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Phaedrus Systems has introduced McObject’s ExtremeDB 4.0, the latest version of the embedded database system for real-time applications.

Enhancements to the system include: Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) Transaction Manager, which regulates access to the database and eliminates ‘locking’.

It lets companies improve scalability and performance, especially in applications with many tasks or processes, and on multi-core systems.

ExtremeDB 4.0 adds support for the KD Tree, a data index that eases development, accelerates data processing and enables developers to add efficient query features.

Data-index algorithms in ExtremeDB 4.0 are optimised for the MVCC Transaction Manager and deliver faster performance.

ExtremeDB 4.0 introduces the concept of logical database devices, which simplifies commands to create a database, whether in memory, on persistent storage, or both.

The new feature also adds techniques for performance optimisation and database recovery when working with two or more storage devices, whether they are spinning disks or solid state disks.

ExtremeDB 4.0 features Uniform Database Access API.

This ‘one size fits all’ function library is fast – native to C/C++ – and can be used across all projects.

ExtremeDB also provides a project-specific native interface, as well as APIs supporting industry-standard SQL.

McObject has also announced two new customers: Myyearbook, a social-networking site, and SCL Elements, the maker of Can2Go networking technology for building and laboratory automation.

Jonah Harris, senior DBA at Myyearbook, said: ‘With the added support of recoverability and persistence, ExtremeDB 4.0 has allowed us to supplement our traditional RDBMS and key-value stores with specialised 64-bit optimised high-performance applications capable of sustaining over 50m web-based requests/day on a single 16-core server.

‘Using ExtremeDB, we have been able to develop several 64-bit cache-optimised applications that perform everything from large-scale user-to-user match percentage calculations to complex user-search operations, with a high percentage of response times being sub-millisecond.’

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