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Renesas has introduced four 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) products that support slave device operation in the IO-Link communication standard for miniature sensors and actuators in industrial systems.

These MCUs combine Renesas Electronics’ 16-bit MCU, the 78K0R and an IO-Link transceiver in a 4mm x 7mm BGA (ball grid array) package.

The four MCUs have built-in flash memory of 32KB (uPD78F8040F1), 64KB (uPD78F8041F1), 96KB (uPD78F8042F1) and 128KB (uPD78F8043F1).

The MCUs will allow the sensor control circuit board to be mounted inside a case the same width as the M8 connector (8mm diameter) so that miniature sensors can be developed regardless of the previous size limitation imposed by the connector’s outer diameter.

Renesas Electronics introduced products that combined an MCU and an IO-Link transceiver in a single 8mm x 8mm QFN package in September 2009 and has developed a new miniature package that meets the requirements of miniature sensors.

The MCUs are supplied in a 4mm x 7mm BGA package that features a size reduction of 56 per cent from the 8mm x 8mm QFN package.

The BGA ball arrangement is designed as two concentric cycles for easier connection to all pins when mounted on the circuit board.

By incorporating the 16-bit 78K0R MCU with 20MHz processing speed, the MCUs enable higher-speed data transfer between the control equipment and the sensors and improved real-time processing performance, said Renesas.

With 32KB to 128KB of flash memory (FAM) and 4KB to 7KB of SRAM, the MCUs allow system designers to flexibly respond to signal processing of various sensors.

The MCUs also include A/D converters and serial interfaces that realise connectivity with various sensors.

The built-in DMA (direct memory access) function enables efficient data-processing and communication processing.

Renesas Electronics provides a development kit for miniature sensors with a circuit board size of 6mm x 30mm that presumes miniature sensor equipment with the same size as an M8 connector.

The development kit can reduce the development time for miniature sensor equipment and allows users to provide IO-Link support quickly.

The MCUs have been developed in cooperation with Elmos Semiconductors.

The development kit has also been developed in cooperation with TMG Karlsruhe.

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