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Renesas Electronics has released two 32-bit All Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) for integration in factory automation (FA) systems, such as motion drives, servo drives and inverters.

With processing performance of 1,024 Dhrystone MIPS at a clock speed of 200MHz, the MCUs have two built-in CPU cores, 64KB of random access memory (RAM) available for each core, 2MB of flash memory and an additional 64KB system RAM available in a 304-pin fine-pitch ball-grid array (FBGA) package.

Features: integration of two V850E2M 32-bit CPU cores; up to 2MB of flash memory; expanded peripheral functions including USB, CAN and Ethernet interface, as well as increased number of channels for conventional peripherals such as timers and serial interfaces.

Two single-core V850E2M MCUs with up to 1MB flash memory and one built-in V850E2M core are also available.

By enhancing the pipeline structure of the company’s existing V850E2 CPU core, Renesas has strengthened the parallel processing capability required for demanding environments and successfully developed the V850E2M core with processing performance of 2.56 Dhrystone MIPS per MHz per core, increased by 1.4 times from the company’s previous V850E2 core.

By employing two V850E2M cores, system designers can realise processing performance of 1,024 DMIPS at a clock speed of 200MHz, while still maintaining power consumption of 0.88mW per Dhrystone MIPS.

The single core is 60 per cent less power compared with the dual core.

In addition, the V850E2M CPU core extends its floating point units (FPU) to facilitate greater accuracy and range in floating point numbers, making it suitable for information appliances that require high-speed data processing or complex algorithm calculations.

The MCUs incorporate up to 2MB of flash memory fabricated through scaled-down, high-speed 90nm process technology.

In addition, the MCUs include flash memory caches for each CPU core that are capable of single-cycle access at 200MHz, contributing to improvement of overall system speed.

In addition to the newly added CAN, USB (Host and Function) and Ethernet interfaces, the MCUs offer a range of peripheral functions, including an increased number of channels for the timers and serial interfaces.

Peripheral functions make it possible for system designers to reduce the number of off-chip components, save board space and realise compact systems at lower cost.

Two external memory busses are also provided to facilitate the development process for ASICs and external memory, contributing to higher performance.

Renesas will provide system designers with optimal multi-core development environments supporting asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP).

In addition, Prism solution, a multi-core software development analysis environment, which allows software engineers to easily assess and realise the full potential of multi-core processors without the need to change the source code or additional simulations, is also available from Criticalblue, provider of embedded multi-core software analysis.

System designers can choose a single- or dual-core MCU product, each employing Renesas’ V850E2M CPU core with robust processing capability.

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