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MDT Software has released the latest version of its Autosave software that provides change management down to the project level in Vijeo Citect and Citectscada.

MDT Autosave is an enterprise source management solution to secure, protect, save, restore, discover, and track changes in PLCs, HMIs, Scada systems, robots and other industrial programmable devices and documents.

Autosave version 5.05 includes other technical enhancements providing greater flexibility and support while usability enhancements result in greater ease of use, a shorter learning curve and decreased possibility of human error.

MDT Autosave integrates with programming editors to offer both an interactive environment and background monitoring for complete control over device programs.

The program structure of the Autosave Vijeo Citect module is set up to mirror the Vijeo Citect Project/Include structure.

This project-level change management support allows users to: access the complete history of changes including who made the change and why; compare project revisions with specific identification of all changes; view the Include relationship structure at any time; and manage and update the relationship of Include projects to the main project as needed.

In addition to the advanced Vijeo Citect change-management support, Autosave v5.05 offers usability enhancements including a new user interface, drag-and-drop functionality, more detailed revision history, customisable display, support for multiple languages and a program creation wizard.

Integrated with editor packages, Autosave provides archival backups, change detection, change documentation, historical tracking and audit trails, secured user and workstation, disaster recovery, controlled editor operations and automatic change notification.

Autosave unifies automation software under one common user interface that offers a secure, well documented, controlled environment to reduce coordination constraints, wasted effort and safety issues.

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