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Meilhaus Electronic’s ME-Foxx ME-46xx models, the ME-630 model, and the ME-8200 model are also available with x2 PCIexpress interfaces.

The multifunctional 16-bit ME-Foxx ME-46xx DAQ and control board offers 16-bit analogue inputs and outputs, digital I/Os and counters.

The board features opto-isolation on all channels and numerous options and extras, making it ideal for many industrial and laboratory applications.

Alongside the new model for PCIexpress, the board is also available as PCI, CompactPCI/PXI versions and can be combined with the ME-Synapse (an adapter for the CompactPCI models) for USB or Ethernet/LAN connectivity.

The ME-630 combines relays, optodigital channels and TTL digital channels on one board.

This board also comes in the PCIexpress version in addition to the classic PCI, CompactPCI/PXI variants and can be combined with the ME-Synapse (an adapter for the CompactPCI models) as USB or Ethernet/LAN interface.

In addition, Meilhaus has announced a ‘native’ USB version called the Mephisto Switch.

The ME-8200 board is a good choice where opto-isolated digital channels with a higher level than the usual 24V are required.

Its opto-I/Os work with a level of 50V with an isolation up to 500V and a load of up to 700mA.

Additional TTL digital I/Os add to the board’s functionality.

Besides the versions for PCIexpress, PCI, CompactPCI/PXI and together with the ME-Synapse for USB or Ethernet/LAN, there is also a ‘native’ USB version called the Mephisto Opto.

All models are supported by the ME IDS intelligent driver system for Windows and Linux.

This allows programming of the boards in C, Visual Basic, Delphi, Python, VEE Pro and Labview programming environments.

The free software package, ME-Powerlab, is included with every DAQ and control board designed by Meilhaus Electronic.

It includes features such as a data logger, an oscilloscope, signal generator, logic analyser and can be used with all ME DAQ boards without additional programming.

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