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Mean Well has developed a range of inverters and solar inverters for use with home appliances, power tools, office and portable equipment, motor vehicles and marine applications.

They allow users to take power from a 12 or 24V battery source and convert to 230V AC power in the most efficient fashion.

The latest addition to Mean Well’s inverter and solar inverter range is the TN-3000.

The TN-3000 is a 3,000W true sine wave inverter and has a built-in AC charger and solar charger.

The TN-3000 recharges the external battery banks by AC mains input or, for real cost savings and energy efficiencies, via solar panels.

The TN-3000 then transforms this input to AC output via its inverter stage.

These inverters are built to provide high-surge power protections when used with motor-start applications.

This configuration for a high-power Mean Well inverter allows customers to provide an energy-saving standalone electric power source by only adding external lead-acid batteries and solar panels.

Two operating modes allow users to configure the most optimal application.

Under the UPS Mode, the AC mains input can charge the batteries and provide power to the output device, just like the normal operation of a UPS system.

In the event of mains power failure, the batteries can then supply current to the TN-3000.

With solar panels connected, the user can opt for ‘Energy Saving Mode’.

This allows the solar energy to charge the batteries and current can then be converted by the inverter.

Mean Well inverters and solar inverters are available with true sine wave or modified sine wave, from 100 to 3,000W models.

Ecopac Power

Ecopac Power offers the UK’s largest range of AC/DC power supplies, from 1–9,000W. Many of our power products are world firsts, providing a large variety of mechanical formats including external to open frame, DIN Rail to battery chargers, DC/DC converters to DC-AC inverters, chassis mount, PCB mount, encapsulated, and rack mounted.

With our extensive range of Ecopac Power DC/DC converters from 1–40 watts, we can offer you the choice of regulated or unregulated, standard or high isolation, standard or extra wide input voltages, all in industry standard formats in plastic or metal packages.

Ecopac Power Ltd supplies over 3,000 different Mean Well AC/DC power supplies. Our objective is to continue to offer excellent products with outstanding value for money. Established 14 years ago, Ecopac Power Ltd is the largest Mean Well distributor in the UK with an unrivalled reputation for service, technical backup, stock and delivery.

Product applications that use Ecopac Power include: lighting, telecomms, control systems, medical, military, audio/visual industry, broadcasting, networking, security and automation.

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