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The Faro Edge portable measurement arm allows manufacturers to easily verify their product quality by performing inspections, tool certifications, CAD-to-part analysis and reverse engineering.

The Edge improves production, quality and reverse engineering processes by rapidly verifying or scanning parts with confidence and accuracy.

The arm also simplifies the user experience with improved performance, portability and reliability.

The all new Edge features the first ever integrated personal measurement assistant.

With its built-in touchscreen and onboard operating system, the Edge provides standalone basic measurement capability.

Additional areas of improvement and capability include: enhanced connectivity – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet ready; multiple device management through networking; smart sensor technology – improved sensors warn against excessive external loads, correct for thermal variations and detect possible setup problems; ergonomics – improved weight distribution and balance for reduced strain; patented internal counterbalancing providing comfortable, stress-free use; multi-function handle port – seamless and interchangeable accessory integration; quick-change handle; expandable capability.

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