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Measurement Computing has added a new thermocouple device to its line of OS-independent DAQFlex products designed for OEM applications.

The USB-2001-TC is a single-channel, 20-bit, thermocouple data-acquisition (DAQ) device for measuring temperatures over the ranges defined by NIST J, K, R, S, T, N, E and B thermocouple types.

It has a 250ms conversion time and features integrated cold junction compensation.

Under the new DAQFlex framework, the USB-2001-TC is supported by both Windows and Linux operating systems and provides open thermocouple detection.

The compact USB-2001-TC unit measures 0.8in (20mm) in height, 1.5in in width and 2.5in in length.

It has a captive 2m-long USB cable attached to one end and a socket on the other end for receiving industry-standard thermocouple miniplugs.

The USB-2001-TC gets power from the host PC via the USB cable and requires no external supply.

DAQFlex products use a new OS-independent protocol that allows DAQ devices to be programmed with simple text-based messages.

It combines small-form-factor, bus-powered USB hardware and a light and agile software framework that can be ported to multiple operating systems.

The USB-2001-TC provides a solution for embedded applications that require reliable temperature measurements at an affordable price point, according to the company.

The DAQFlex protocol simplifies driver and application development because all DAQ operations are programmed through a common command interface comprising a consistent, extensible firmware interface and an open-source, cross-platform API.

Firmware parses text-based messages transmitted through a device driver and converts these messages into DAQ-specific commands that control the device.

This concise and well-documented interface allows driver development for multiple operating systems and also supports OS-independent embedded systems that need to communicate only over a USB root port.

The USB-2001-TC is the third in an expanding line of products designed specifically for the DAQFlex protocol.

It retails at USD99 (GBP62) and includes a CD containing example programs and installation software for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Compatible thermocouples are available, with prices starting at USD29.

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