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Measurement Computing has added a thermocouple data logger with an LCD display to its line of battery-powered remote loggers.

The new USB-501-TC-LCD is a handy and inexpensive answer to local or remote temperature-logging requirements and has the added convenience of a quick-look LCD display.

Supporting K-, J- and T-type thermocouples, the new logger can measure and store more than 32,000 temperatures over the -200 to +1350C (-328 to +2462F) range, and can record data at 13 software-selectable logging rates from once per second to once every 12 hours.

The high-contrast LCD shows a variety of temperature data as well as logger-status information.

At the touch of a button, users can turn on the LCD display and cycle through the most recent logged temperature along with the maximum and minimum.

The USB-501-TC-LCD ships with a K-type thermocouple with a range of 0 to 400C (32 to 752F).

Also included are the USB-500 Series Data Logger Application software and a user-replaceable long-life lithium battery, which can typically allow up to six months of logging.

The user-friendly and intuitive USB-500 Series Data Logger Application software can configure the logger, including alarm thresholds, logging rates, start times and measurement units.

When the logger is retrieved from the field, the software provides simple one-click access to download the temperature data, display it on a powerful strip chart and export the data to text or .csv (comma separated values) files.

These file types allow users to easily import the logged data into Excel.

This software and Measurement Computing USB-500 series data loggers are compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32-bit) operating systems.

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