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EA has added two accessories to its range of UltraTEV systems for detecting, locating, measuring and monitoring Partial Discharge activity in MV and HV assets such as switchgear and transformers.

The PD Simulator is designed to train engineers in a safe environment how to detect, locate, measure and interpret PD activity, using any of EA Technology’s UltraTEV instruments and systems.

It works by generating realistic simulations of PD emissions commonly found in MV and HV assets, including five levels of Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) signal and five levels of ultrasonic sound.

The ultrasonic mode also generates four different types of noise e.g intermittent or continuous, which are characteristic of specific types of PD activity.

The battery-powered PD Simulator is fully portable and can transfer simulated PD signals to any type of MV or HV assets, via a magnetic contact or clip.

The Ultrasonic Contact Probe is used to measure PD activity on the surface of sealed enclosures, where the use of microphones to pick up ultrasonic emissions is impractical due to a lack of air paths or vents.

The plug-in probe has a magnetic base, which allows it be used hands-free, and is accurately tuned to identify ultrasonic frequencies associated with surface PD discharges.

Readings are expressed in decibels and the probe is fully compatible with the handheld UltraTEV Plus+ instrument, together with UltraTEV Monitor, UltraTEV Locator and UltraTEV Alarm systems.

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