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Measurit has unveiled Tideflex valves as replacements for metal flap gate valves, and presents its Tideflex effluent diffuser system.

Tideflex valves will not warp or freeze and are virtually maintenance-free.

They will handle large obstructions without jamming, and there is no gate to hang open.

The flat-bottom design of the TF-1 allows it to be installed without any modifications to existing structures.

Tideflex check valves are now in stock at Measurit Technologies in Ireland.

The Tideflex effluent diffuser system is used on effluent outfalls.

These units typically incorporate multiport diffusers that discharge effluent over a wide area though numerous ports.

Providing a cost-effective means of achieving high initial dilution, multiport diffusers minimise the impact of municipal and industrial discharges on the environment.

The Tideflex effluent system prevents backflow and the intrusion of debris, sediment, salt water and aquatic life into the outfall pipeline, while providing excellent drainage with low flows.

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