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Mecmesin, a UK company specialising in force- and torque-testing equipment, will demonstrate two new testing systems developed to optimise design and ensure consistency in manufacture at the Composites Show, which is being organised by UK Tech Events.

The Vortex-xt and Multitest-xt are suitable for engineers in the aerospace, automotive and medical device industries who need to measure clockwise and counter-clockwise torque when developing and manufacturing rotary components.

Typical applications include positive ’click’ on engagement of aerospace, automotive and medical device controls such as ignition switches, valves and automotive stalks.

Key specifications


  • Cuts recall costs by improving production line efficiency and reducing wastage
  • Has been designed for quality-control managers who need a simple, accurate, yet rugged torque-testing system for the production floor or QC laboratory
  • No PC is required, making it suitable for production areas
  • Rated to 10N


  • Enables tension and compression tests to be carried out at the touch of a button on samples straight from the production line
  • Sealed touchscreen houses a simple user-interface, suitable for any level of operator
  • Programming functions, test data and evaluation tools are all accessed via a straightforward menu, enabling quick selection and commencement of tests
  • In ‘quick test’ mode, a test can be chosen and started with a couple of taps to the screen
  • Available in seven capacities from low-force measurement ranges including 1,000N, 2,500N and 5000N up to high-capacity twin-column test systems, which include 10,000N, 25,000N and 50,000N

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