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Tyco Electronics has unveiled three new embedded magnetic offerings from its recently acquired Planarmag product technology, which improves the design and manufacture of electromagnetic components.

Planarmag product technology uses a proprietary material to embed highly sensitive magnetic ferrites into standard PCBs.

It utilises a 3D-electromagnetic simulator with unique design techniques to create patented proprietary winding structures.

In addition, it uses standard PCB processes to manufacture boards containing hundreds of thousands of parts at once, with improved performance and consistency, while utilising semiconductor testing methodologies.

Tyco’s initial rollout of Planarmag products includes two discrete Ethernet components and a 1G Mag45 ICM (part number 1840771-2) with Planarmag product technology embedded magnetics.

The discrete components are 1G Base-T media filters (part number 2048107-1) and 10/100 Base-T media filters (part number 2048108-1).

Features common to the entire product range include single-port configuration, and media filter and isolation transformer.

In addition, the Planarmag products reduce or eliminate termination components because of their precision centre tap and transformer symmetry.

This consistency and repeatability improves performance and can help facilitate FCC class B compliance.

The 10/100/1G Base-T media filters have a 24-pin BGA configuration and the 10/100 Base-T media filters have 12-pin castellation I/Os for customers to easily qualify and ramp production in existing products using gull-wing discrete.

The 1G Mag45 ICM is the first fully integrated connector utilising the Planarmag embedded magnetic product technology and is a low-profile configuration targeting applications that require reduced height and small form-factor footprint such as laptop and notebook computers.

All products are RoHS compliant per JEDEC J-STD, meet the IEEE 802.3 specification and can help facilitate FCC Class B qualifications.

Product applications include low-port density switches and routers, low-profile notebooks/netbooks, desktop computers, IP routers, cable modems, set-top boxes, TV/DVR, IP phones, IP cameras, video game consoles and more.

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