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Simulation software provider Lanner and Hospitalogix have signed a partnership following a joint collaboration for Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center.

As part of the Rush’s Campus Transformation, the Lanner and Hospitalogix project included the development of a consulting methodology that led to the programme making savings and performance improvements.

The methodology is based on expertise in healthcare, logistics, process mapping, and project management, supported by dynamic process simulation.

It includes patient flow analysis, room sizing and utilisation, and staff and material requirements.

Co-operative work between Hospitalogix and Lanner includes the following: Patient flow analysis, room sizing and utilisation, staff and material requirements for the design and operation of an interventional platform grouping together 63 operating rooms with a range of specialties.

Emergency department designated as centre for advanced emergency response, and the obstetrics/neonatal intensive care unit platform, which includes 10 labour-delivery-recovery and 72 private neonatal intensive care unit rooms.

Patient holding/recovery area sizing and equipment utilisation analysis for the design of a diagnostics platform: flow analysis, staff, automatic guided vehicle and elevator requirements for the delivery and picking of all the logistics (catering, medical supplies, laundry, pharmacy, linen, sterilisation) within a campus under transformation.

Throughput and operational cost analysis was undertaken as part of competitive bidding support for the selection of a supplier of automated biological laboratories.

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