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Keith Watson, sales and marketing director at Hanovia, has explained how medium-pressure ultra-violet (UV) technology can help solve the ‘bromate issue’ for bottled water products.

In his presentation to members of the Chinese Mineral Water Sub-Association on 9 April 2009, Watson also provided examples of how Hanovia’s UV technology is helping producers purify their water without resorting to ozonation and with none of the unwanted by-products, such as bromate (a Class 2B carcinogen).

One of the reasons for the meeting was to help bottled-water producers understand the impending Chinese Mineral Water Standard (GB8537-2008), due to come into effect on 1 October 2009, and to meet its requirements.

One of these requirements will be for bromate concentrations to be less than 10ppb (parts per billion).

Presently, the majority of Chinese bottled-water producers use ozone disinfection technology.

Ozone is a strongly oxidising chemical disinfectant and, while effectively killing micro-organisms, it also produces a number of disinfection by-products by oxidising other substances in the water.

In China, where food safety has become a major issue, bottled-water producers are under increasing pressure to ensure their product is safe and does not contain unwanted contaminants – either from external sources or as disinfection by-products.

Hanovia’s medium-pressure, closed-vessel UV technology is recognised for its environmentally friendly, highly efficient disinfection properties.

China’s top three bottled-water producers – including Nongfu Spring – have all opted for Hanovia UV technology and all report good results.

Many participants at the meeting also had negative experiences with low-pressure UV systems in the past, so there was a great deal of interest in the medium-pressure UV alternative.

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