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The Teca-Print pad (tampo) printing machines, available from Kaye-Dee Marking Solutions, combine simple operator features and come with open or sealed ink-pot system options.

They are available as pneumatic or servo driven.

They suit a range of applications, including the single- and multi-colour printing of logos, images and text.

Equipment demonstrations at Medtec 2010 will include printing four colours onto a medical flask using the TPX 201 servo-driven, sealed pot machine.

The Series X2 pad-printing machines are designed to high technical requirements.

Integrated into their design are a spacious work area, touch-screen control and standard peripheral devices.

Teca-Print’s printing plate system saves time with the plate changeover, while enabling operators to change to plates of various sizes.

The X- and Z-axis positional adjustments are a standard feature with this plate system and the Y axis (horizontal pad stroke) is automatically adjustable through the touch-screen panel.

The Series X2 machines are claimed to provide features to help improve production and efficiency.

Offering cost-effective pad printing, the Series X2 machines satisfy requirements for print quality and can be integrated into an automated high-speed production line.

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