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Meech has developed the Ionrinse system to enable the cleaning of blown containers, bottles, cans, jars and pre-forms for use in the food and beverage industries.

The fan-driven ionised air rinsing system is compact and is said to provide exceptional cleaning functionality.

There are no costs for water, compressed air, chemicals or effluent and no need to handle water or chemical residues.

The Ionrinse system incorporates powerful AC ionisation, a custom-designed airflow distributor and high-quality inline filtration.

During operation, the high-velocity, filtered ionised air exits the Ionrinse head unit via the airflow distributor and enters the container.

The precisely controlled airflow works in combination with the neutralisation of static charges, which breaks any static bond holding contamination to the inner surface.

The released contamination is caught immediately by the vacuum airflow and extracted to the in-line filter unit.

The blow and vacuum airflows are provided by the central blow, vacuum and filtration unit.

This stainless-steel unit, which can be floor or wall mounted, is suitable for use in washdown environments.

The unit is operated via a single-phase electricity supply and offers a variable flow control, so that performance can be optimised to suit the process.

The HEPA filtration system provides effective filtration, capturing 99.99 per cent of particles at 0.3um.

The cleaning performance is maximised with the container fully inverted (opening facing down) as it travels over the Ionrinse stainless-steel head.

The Teflon airflow distributor allows the container to run in contact with the surface and this can be customised to suit the line speed and container, in order to achieve maximum cleaning.

Ionrinse incorporates twin AC ionising bars, offering standalone primary and reserve ionisation systems.

These provide neutralisation of positive or negative polarity static charges in under 0.3sec in most installations.

The system can be integrated to run with the line, reducing energy requirements even further, while the clear LED displays allow easy monitoring of areas such as filter condition and ionisation status.

The air inlet and vacuum ducts can be connected to either end of the head unit and the drop-down access panel simplifies maintenance.

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