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At ICE Europe in November, Meech International will demonstrate two products for the converting industry.

The company said it will offer its customers the opportunity to increase process productivity, flexibility and profitability with the introduction of the Shearclean, a non-contact web cleaning system, and the 977CM, an electrostatic control system.

The Shearclean system can be supplied to match any reel width up to 2m and equipment speeds of up to 500m/min.

Simultaneously cleaning both sides of the web, the Shearclean incorporates two cotton-covered rollers positioned 0.5mm either side of the web.

These rollers spin at speeds of 4,000rpm and upwards in the opposite direction to that of the web, while the air currents generated break up the boundary layer on the surface of the web, allowing the vacuum system to remove particles that were held in that layer.

The company has also made use of its experience in static control and has incorporated static elimination equipment into Shearclean, which is also said to improve the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Representing Meech’s static control technology, the 977CM Pulsed DC controller provides converters with a true closed-loop static control system.

A sensor bar detects residual voltages on web paths and rewinds and communicates with the 977CM unit.

The controller can accurately tune its output to ensure the best possible charge neutralisation for the current operating conditions, thereby compensating the adverse effects of contamination.

Should contamination increase to a preset level, further deterioration in bar performance will alert the operator of the need to clean the bars.

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