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Visitors to the Meech stand at K 2010 will be able to hear about the company’s developments in the fields of electrostatic control, web cleaning and air technology.

The company is using K 2010 as the venue for the worldwide launch of the 994 IML in-mould labelling system.

Designed for in-mould labelling technology, the 994 IML high-voltage generator is light enough to be mounted on the end of arm tool.

The generator works in conjunction with the recently introduced Meech Hydra, a miniaturised in-mould labelling pinning system designed to improve pinning performance, especially on smaller labels.

‘The 994 Hydra overcomes many of the issues encountered with other commonly used in-mould labelling technologies and, because of this, the purchase and running costs are reduced significantly,’ said David Rogers, business unit director for static control.

The 994 Hydra provides powerful, repeatable pinning with no degradation.

OEMs are free to make their own label carriers, which can be produced at a reduced cost.

‘The components are easy to mount, as well as being straightforward to connect and disconnect during mould tool changes,’ said Rogers.

‘The design eliminates the chance of sparking and the possibility of expensive damage to the mould tool, and removes the risk of contamination of the container – a problem sometimes encountered with conductive-foam-based IML systems,’ he added.

Meech’s recently launched Ionrinse system offers energy saving and sustainability opportunities in the field of cleaning blown containers, bottles, cans, jars and pre-forms for use in the food and beverage industries.

Recently launched products include the 977CM Pulsed DC controller and the 977HL Pulsed DC Controller for hazardous area ionisers.

The 977CM continuously monitors output and automatically adjusts the input voltage to compensate for the adverse effects of contamination.

When this has increased to a preset level (typically 25 per cent), further deterioration in performance will alert the operator, via local audible and visible warnings and remote alarm signals, of the need to clean the bars.

The 977CM also features a fully automated closed-loop feedback system.

A sensor, positioned after the ionising bar, detects residual voltages on the material and instructs the 977CM unit to alter the negative/positive balance, resulting in the most effective neutralisation for the current running speed, stock and ambient conditions.

Optimising static control at all times makes it possible to improve finished product quality, whether this is on an unwind/rewind or slitting unit, a packaging line or printing press.

The closed loop facility allows information relating to the residual electrostatic charge in the material to be available on the clear LCD display.

This data can be transmitted to allow remote monitoring and logging for quality assurance purposes.

The 977HL Pulsed DC Controller for hazardous area ionisers brings to the market a method of monitoring performance and controlling static levels in potentially dangerous environments, while ensuring maximum productivity of the production line.

The controller is said to be straightforward to install and connect to existing Meech ionising bars.

It provides accurate monitoring of the performance of the bars, alerting the operator immediately when the bars need to be cleaned.

The performance level at which an alarm is activated can be set by the customer to suit individual requirements.

Meech already manufactures contact web cleaners and the Shearclean adds a non-contact version, which is suitable for applications including coating, converting, laminating and specialty plastics.

Shearclean opens a new range of applications where contact cleaning systems are not feasible.

This could include substrates with surfaces that are prone to scratching, as well as those featuring special coatings.

Shearclean can be supplied for use with reel widths up to 1.8m and web speeds of up to 450m/min as standard.

Faster speeds may be achieved by adjusting factory settings.

Shearclean can be tailored to suit customers’ requirements and Meech can provide different upgrades to create a fully programmable unit.

It is said to improve the effectiveness of the cleaning process and reduces the risk of the re-attraction of contaminants to the cleaned web surfaces.

Also on stand is the 904CM monitoring unit for AC ionising systems, which are used in the graphic arts, packaging, converting, plastic and pharmaceutical industries.

The 904CM provides accurate monitoring of the performance of the emitter pins incorporated within the ionising bars.

The front panel of the 904CM contains status indicator LEDs and a numerical display.

A green LED indicates that the bars are operating effectively, while amber informs the operator that the bars are reaching a point where they need to be cleaned to remain effective.

A red LED warns that urgent action is required to remove the contamination that builds up naturally on all ionising bars during use.

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