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Meggitt Sensing Systems has launched a handheld precision acoustic calibrator for measurement microphones, sound level meters and other acoustic equipment.

The Endevco battery-operated EM42AA pistonphone is designed to serve as a highly stable sound source for reliable calibrations.

It is directly compatible with both Endevco and other industry 1/8in, 1/4in and 1/2in measurement microphones, the Endevco model EM42AA pistonphone offers a sound pressure calibration level of 114dB re 20uPa, at a frequency of 250Hz +/-0.5 per cent.

To use the pistonphone, users fit the microphone into the coupler and switch it on, enabling the device to produce a constant sound pressure level on the microphone diaphragm.

The Endevco model EM42AA is mostly used for calibrating 1/2in microphones and can be delivered with a 1in microphone calibration coupler, if preferred.

Adapters are also included for calibrating 1/4in and 1/8in microphones.

Each pistonphone is factory calibrated with an accuracy of +/-0.08dB re 20uPa and supplied with an individual calibration certificate stating exact value and test conditions.

To further ensure reliable performance, the Endevco model EM42AA has a dual-colour LED above the on/off switch to indicate both battery condition and operational stability.

When the pistonphone is operating properly, the LED shows green, indicating that cam speed is correctly locked at 250Hz.

If the LED displays as red during pistonphone operation, speed is incorrect, most likely because of low batteries.

The Endevco model EM42AA can be used as either a laboratory standard sound source, or as field calibrator for end-to-end system checks of complete acoustic measurement systems.

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