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Meggitt has announced a miniature, high-sensitivity, high-resonance gauge, piezoresistive pressure transducer designed for a variety of aerospace, automotive and industrial measurements.

Offered in ranges of 15, 50 and 100psig with 225mV full-scale output, the Endevco model 8510C provides high output within a very small (3.86mm) diameter face and lightweight (2.3g) package.

The model 8510C pressure transducer also features non-linearity of less than one per cent to three times over-range with 4X minimum burst pressure, 20,000G shock resistance and high stability in temperature transients.

Meggitt’s Endevco pressure transducers feature a four-arm strain gauge bridge ion implanted into a silicon diaphragm, designed for a wideband frequency response.

The company claims that the Endevco sculptured diaphragm produces twice the sensitivity of traditional flat diaphragms, resulting in improved resolution.

Integral hybrid temperature compensation provides stable performance over a temperature range of -18C to +93C (0F to +200F).

The Endevco model 8510C features a 10-32 UNF-2A mounting thread and comes standard with a 30in integral cable, with custom lengths available upon request.

Models also come standard with a vent tube that can be connected to any standard reference manifold, used for differential pressure measurements, or referenced to the ambient atmosphere.

The Endevco model 8510C is designed for measurements that require a combination of small size, high sensitivity and broad frequency response.

Typical applications include process control, blast testing, automotive airbag inflation testing, rocket motor analysis, jet engine inlet pressure measurements, vehicle transmission testing and hydraulics measurements.

Recommended accessories include the model 136 three-channel DC signal conditioner, model 4430A bridge transducer signal conditioner or the 4990A (Oasis) multi-channel signal conditioner.

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