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Wilcoxon Research measurement products, including accelerometers, shakers and vibration equipment, are now sold through the Meggitt Sensing Systems facility in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Wilcoxon Research piezoelectric accelerometers are IEPE powered and suitable for general-purpose or seismic measurements on a wide range of machinery and test apparatus.

A variety of sensitivities to choose from and low noise floors make these sensors appropriate for many applications such as modal and structural testing, high frequency monitoring of equipment with small bearings, high-speed machine tool spindles, harmonic activity of gear mesh frequencies, structural monitoring, vibration isolation verification and seismic measurements.

Shakers for modal analysis and natural frequency identification can be utilised to design products to minimise stress and fatigue.

Wilcoxon Research electromagnetic shakers excite primarily at low frequencies to measure components such as first bending mode of air frames and ship hulls.

Wilcoxon Research piezoelectric shakers excite at high frequencies above the acoustic range where materials, such as semiconductor components and high-strength metals, start to break apart.

Acoustic sensors, including hydrophones and leak detectors, will also be sold through San Juan Capistrano.

Wilcoxon Research hydrophones are built to withstand the rigours of continuous underwater exposure, in both sea water and fresh water environments.

Each hydrophone uses piezoelectric crystals with a built-in electronic amplifier, to boost the low-level signal of underwater pressure waves.

Wilcoxon Research leak detection hydrophones are used to ‘listen’ to the sounds of leaks in piping, in situ.

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