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Meltric Corporation has announced the availability of its 2009 product catalogue featuring Decontactor Series switch rated plugs, receptacles and connectors.

This 224-page catalogue also provides information about Meltric’s other plug and receptacle product offerings including hazardous duty rated devices, PF high ampacity devices (up to 600A), and a wide variety of multi-pin devices (up to 37 contacts).

Decontactor Series switch rated plugs and receptacles allow technicians to change-out motors, welders and other electrical equipment.

They are an NEC approved ‘line of sight’ disconnect and are UL approved for both ‘branch circuit’ and ‘motor circuit’ disconnect switching up to 200A or 60 HP.

Decontactors are also UL rated to make and withstand short circuits up to 100kA.

A Decontactors integral switching capability ensures that the contacts are always de-energised before the plug can be withdrawn from the receptacle.

Once the plug is removed, the receptacle’s safety shutter further ensures worker safety by preventing unintentional access to live parts to all but the correct mating plug.

Since Decontactors maintain an NFPA 70E defined hazard/risk category of zero during equipment connection and disconnection, users do not have to wear PPE nor follow other NFPA 70E specified safety procedures that are typically necessary for electrical safety during electrical equipment change-outs.

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