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Island Pumping in British Columbia, Canada has implemented a mobile workforce-management solution from Mentor Engineering and Enet Dispatch to enhance its concrete-pumping services.

Since the implementation, Island Pumping has been able to streamline driver/dispatcher communication, billing and data entry – improvements that add up to a potential saving of USD100,000 (GBP60,758) a year.

Rick Mayer, owner and president of Island Pumping, said: ‘Before the system was in place, we relied on drivers to keep track of their hours, to write down when they arrived or left a job site, and we billed by the hour.

‘With our equipment costing 125 to USD300 an hour, the minutes can add up.

‘We were losing an average of 15 minutes per job, which translates to about USD100,000 a year.’ The solution it chose includes Mentor Ranger in-vehicle computers combined with a web-based fleet-management software solution from Enet Dispatch.

Mayer said that one of the biggest benefits of the solution is the ability to capture real-time information on their vehicles and jobs.

With the new system, dispatchers can see the exact location and status of each vehicle, eliminating the need for phone calls or radio chatter.

The system tracks pump hours and lets Island Pumping know the stage of each job.

With this information it can schedule jobs more efficiently and use its resources cost-effectively.

In addition to real-time data, Mayer said that automated data entry made possible by Ranger has allowed Island Pumping to realise tangible time savings.

He added: ‘Time-wise, drivers are probably saving at least thirty minutes to one hour per day because there is so much less paperwork.’ Mayer has also noticed improvements in the dispatch process and has been able to cut dispatcher staffing requirements in half.

He said the ability to track equipment and operators remotely with this technology will allow Island Pumping to expand its business without having to open numerous new offices.

‘The long-term use of the technology will probably save us millions of dollars because of this,’ he added.

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