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Mentor Engineering is offering a Mobile Workforce Management solution tailored to the oil and gas industry.

The technology enables office staff to track the location and status of field operators and quickly send the closest available operator to a new job or priority call.

Work orders and last-minute changes are sent directly to the vehicle, and information is entered electronically to save time and minimise inaccuracies.

With Automatic Vehicle Location, responders can be sent quickly to the scene of an emergency and in-vehicle computers keep field operators and the back office constantly linked.

Field operators are equipped with intrinsically safe work-alone pendants to maintain contact with the office when outside the vehicle.

Field operators and office staff communicate instantly, and office staff can monitor the current job stage of a field operator.

In-vehicle navigation guides operators to unfamiliar job sites, getting them there quickly and saving fuel.

Job details such as inventory used, work codes and job start/end times are tracked electronically at the job site.

Accurate invoices can be mailed immediately without needing review.

All data is time stamped, reducing data entry and eliminating billing discrepancies and resulting customer complaints.

Fleet monitoring lets managers track driver behaviours to reduce excessive speed and minimise idling time, letting companies realise greater fuel savings, reduce the risk of accidents and lessen environmental impact.

Vehicle-diagnostics alerts and comprehensive reporting keep managers informed about their fleet.

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