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Merrow Scientific has released the Downflow gas-liquid contactor, which produces intense mixing and rapid surface renewal.

In the contactor co-current reactor, a high velocity liquid jet inlet stream generates intense shear, producing an agitated gas-liquid dispersion in the upper section of the fully flooded column.

This shear and turbulence causes the break up of any gas pocket at the inlet and produces a high interfacial area in a small operating volume.

The contactor offers improved reaction times, lower power consumption and reduced capital and operating costs.

It is suitable for batch, semi-continuous or continuous mode operation.

It has a high tolerance to particle content.

The design can be easily scaled up without losing efficiency.

Many process industries require gas-liquid contacting in a range of applications, including absorption, stripping, flotation, ozone treatment, microbubble generation, oxidation, hydrogenation, effluent treatment, fermentation and mineral separation.

The reactor was developed by WRK Design and Services from a concept of contacting a continuous liquid phase with a dispersed gas phase through a column inlet.

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