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The Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) has launched a study of the strategies and approaches being used to support sustainability initiatives.

The study, entitled ‘Eco-efficiency in Manufacturing’, is open to all manufacturers around the globe in all product sectors.

It will culminate in a report to industry to be presented at the North America conference on 21 June in Detroit, Michigan.

The study will explore the green and sustainability initiatives now under way in the manufacturing sector.

It will report on the current state of manufacturing, including: the leadership and information technology systems that companies are using to drive high-performance, eco-efficient operations; identifying the change drivers and the barriers encountered for those companies making a green transformation; and qualifying and quantifying the initiatives under way and resources being applied to improve supply-chain, product-lifecycle and asset-management practices.

All responses will be aggregated in the published data and reports.

Each respondent will gain access to the survey database, thus giving them an opportunity to compare and benchmark against companies with similar profiles.

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