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Daintree Networks has announced the availability of its MeshOperator Wireless Application Development Kit and Smart Energy Kit.

The company provides solutions for the development of systems based on IEEER 802.15.4T and Zigbee.

These new kits are designed to help Zigbee solution developers and providers to bring their products and services to market quickly and reliably.

Developers can take individual Zigbee smart products (such as lights, heating and cooling, and security) and turn them into smart home and smart energy solutions and services.

The Wireless Application Development Kit can be used to develop a prototype or proof-of-concept for a new Zigbee application or service, and the Smart Energy Kit adds built-in support for Zigbee smart energy products.

These kits include Daintree’s Management Gateway, which allows networks of Zigbee devices to be connected to the internet and managed by Daintree’s centralised management server software.

Many companies are already trialling Smart Energy and Smart Home products based on Zigbee and other wireless embedded technologies.

Daintree’s MeshOperator provides the missing middleware and management components to turn these products into complete solutions and services.

These new kits make MeshOperator available in a format that solution and service providers can get started with quickly.

Daintree Networks

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