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S and S Inspection has launched the Varicon range of metal detection equipment, which can be used for both goods-in and end-of-line applications to detect metallic contamination.

The risk of foreign body contamination is ever present in all manufacturing activities but it is in the food industry that the risk must be minimised, of not eliminated entirely, if productivity and profitability are to be optimised.

Inspection of the packaged, finished product is almost universal to avoid any contaminated product reaching the consumer.

There is equally good reason for similar inspection of incoming ingredients to minimise the amount of finished product that has to be rejected and eliminate the risk of introducing potentially machine-damaging materials into the production process.

The S and S Varicon range of metal detection equipment can be used for both goods-in and end-of-line applications to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metallic contamination whether or not it is enclosed within the packed product.

The Varicon system incorporates an advanced detection coil technology using multi-frequency, two-channel techniques to achieve high sensitivity to all types of metals and the smallest possible metal-free zone for easy integration with existing production lines.

A choice of two types of control units using digital signal processing and quartz stabilised search frequencies combined with microprocessor control allow precise matching to the demands of specific applications.

Self-monitoring, auto-balancing, and temperature compensation are standard as are product effect compensation with auto-learn.

Non-volatile memory is used to store multiple product specifications to simplify product changeover and all machine parameters are password protected.

An EMC filter is used to suppress external electromagnetic interference.

A range of coil aperture size and belt width in both dry and wet area types offers IFS, BRC and HACCP compliance.

All Varicon configurations can be fitted with a variety of separation systems to match specific operational requirements.

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