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The Monninghoff range of metal disc couplings from Techdrives covers shaft sizes from 4mm to 120mm and torques up to 9,000Nm.

Spacer versions with up to 5m distance between shaft ends can be supplied customised to requirements.

The key component in a metal disc coupling is the disc pack – a pre-assembled sandwich of stainless-steel laminations held together by bushes at four or six bolting points.

These laminations flex between the bolts to accommodate misalignments.

A single flexing coupling has one disc pack and suits applications where there is no parallel misalignment, for example, where one of the shafts is floating in a single bearing.

More usually, double-flexing couplings are used where a central spacer bolted to the two disc packs allow for parallel as well as angular and axial misalignments.

Fitted bolts are used to connect between the external hubs and the disc packs/spacers making the assembly backlash free.

As an alternative to keywayed connections that may introduce slight backlash, clamp hubs are an available option.

Metal disc couplings can transmit high torques at high speeds, potentially into thousands of kilowatts.

At the other end of the scale, they are ideal for encoder drives because of their high torsional stiffness.

They offer a maintenance-free alternative to universal, grid and gear couplings.

Ideally, angular misalignments should be below 0.5deg, but up to 1deg or more is possible with derating.

High ambient temperatures are generally not a problem.

The Monninghoff range begins with miniature single- and double-flexing couplings rated at 1Nm and suiting shafts 4mm to 8mm.

These tiny couplings are supplied pre-assembled with aluminium alloy hubs.

There are 13 models available with the alloy construction, but for shafts from 8mm there is also a steel construction.

Metal disc couplings with steel hubs and spacers are supplied in component form.

Standard options include short and long central spacers, also clamp hubs.

Monninghoff metal disc couplings provide modular options to suit practically all requirements.

They are used across a wide range of applications, including keeping accurate registration on a printing machine, surviving the arduous conditions in steel production and offering precision with instrument drives.

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