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Metal Pass has been awarded a nine-month contract from Nisco to improve its steel plate/steckle mill Level 2 model.

Enhanced learning logics and metallurgical principles will be added to the Tippins model system to achieve higher prediction accuracy for better product quality and productivity.

Strengths will also be added to the Siemens Level 1 system to improve product quality in plate head and tail ends, for example.

The improvement work is expected to be completed in early 2010.

Before this project, Metal Pass had already improved similar systems for Evraz Oregon Steel Mills.

Since then, Metal Pass has been concentrating on developing a next-generation Level 2 system with metallurgical principles, intelligent learning and advanced software technology for uninterrupted upgrade.

In the past year, Metal Pass has published several technical papers covering aspects of recent developments.

One of the technologies that Metal Pass developed, the Guided Two-Parameter Learning with major metallurgical effects considered and with only very limited modification of Level 2 source code, will be applied in this Level 2 project.

Pittsburgh-based Metal Pass combines strengths of European engineering, American IT and the Asian market to provide steel mill resources, solutions and E-Biz. hosts more than 40,000 pages of resources and dozens of web-based software programs.

Metal Pass develops steel rolling mill models, and can apply these models in supply or improvement of Level 2, Level 3 and roll pass software packages.

Nisco, headquartered in Nanjing, is one of the major steel producers in China.

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