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Metal Processes, a flat bed laser-cutting sub-contractor, has ordered a Bystronic Byvention laser cutting system and a Bystronic Byspeed laser cutting system.

Bystronic advised Metal Processes to buy the Byvention because of its cutting area of 1562 x 772mm and, when equipped with the 2.2kW resonator, its ability to cut a maximum sheet thickness of 4mm for aluminium, 6mm for stainless steel and 8mm for mild steel.

The machine is operated via pre-defined programs and cutting parameters via a touch screen, making it easy to use.

It features simple and logical operation and users can operate the machine to its full capacity after a short period of training.

When equipped with the 2.2kW resonator, the Byvention requires just 6000 x 6000mm of floor space, which made it the ideal choice for Metal Processes.

John Hayward, chairman and director of Metal Processes, said: ‘The production outputs we are achieving per square metre of machine space makes the Byvention a very productive laser-cutting system.

‘It is very easy to set up and also very accurate, which is essential to our business.

‘A standard laser beam travels all over a 3 x 1.5 metre machine bed, which can affect accuracy depending on the distance travelled by the light beam.

‘The beam on the Byvention only has to travel 750 x 1500mm, which makes it accurate.

‘In addition, the fact that the Byvention has only two laser mirrors reduces the cost of consumables.’ Metal Processes bought a Byspeed laser-cutting centre just months after investing in the Byvention.

The Byspeed is Bystronic’s fastest laser-cutting machine and can cut 600 holes per minute, with simultaneous accelerations of more than 4G.

Hayward added: ‘Our two Bysprint lasers were six years old and we have had many hours of cutting out of them, having run multiple shifts.

‘However, we were conscious that they were costing money to maintain each year and we felt that in this economic climate it was prudent to reduce and even eliminate our variable costs.

‘We took the decision to replace both the Bysprint lasers with the single Byspeed laser-cutting centre, which provides greater productivity.

‘Having a new machine, with an excellent warranty and service cover, along with a new machine purchased eight months ago (which has the majority of its warranty remaining) made economic sense, drastically reducing our variable maintenance and breakdown costs.’ The Byspeed 3015 is equipped with a 4.4kW resonator.

Metal Processes has also bought a wide range of Bystronic press brake tools, which can bend various types of material in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 8mm.

Metal Processes has a history of buying Bystronic laser-cutting systems, dating back to 1998.

Two Bystronic Bysprint laser-cutting systems followed in 2002/03 and a Bystronic AFM EP press brake in 2007.

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