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Victrex Aptiv film has been selected by Metallux, a manufacturer of electronic devices in thick-film technologies, for its new flexible foil sensor.

Aptiv film will be featured in this Metapot (MMP) sensor as a spacer film and was chosen for its ability to withstand the exacting demands of the sensor application.

Made from Victrex Peek polymer, Aptiv film delivers a combination of friction and wear properties combined with high heat resistance, chemical and radiation resistance, purity and electric insulation.

In addition, the film is hydrolytically stable with very low moisture absorption and permeability, making it a suitable material for Metallux’s MMP.

The MMP sensor is capable of dealing with motion control applications that require high adjustment speeds and light weight, as well as operate in cramped assembly conditions.

The flat profile MMP can be integrated into existing motion control systems and is suitable for precise travel sensing and positioning applications in industries ranging from automotive, medical technology, shipbuilding and aerospace.

It can be deployed in tasks such as convertible roof, steering wheel, seating and mirror positioning in vehicles; adjusting the position of operating tables and indicating fluid levels in devices such as syringe pumps and dialysis machines in medical settings; control of actuators and joysticks on ships; and adjusting seating and carriage positions in aircraft.

Other industrial applications include actuating drives, robot control, valve positioning, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, door and garage openers, machine tools, material-handling vehicles and packaging machines.

The Aptiv film-based MMP is used as a linear and angular sensor in these custom applications.

The sensor is based on Metallux’s Metapot foil potentiometer technology combined with a contact-free function, offering the possibility of more than 100 million cycles.

The MPP is manufactured at Metallux’s facilities near Stuttgart, Germany, to meet IP65 and higher specifications.

This sensor will meet the specific requirements demanded for industrial applications that need a high degree of safety, precision and reliability.

It can operate in measurements from 50 to 500mm.

The high temperature resistance of Aptiv film enables the MMP to operate in a temperature range of -40C up to 125C.

The film’s lower coefficient of friction against the sensor’s metal foil make it suitable for this application.

Aptiv has a lower tendency to develop static charges and is claimed to offer more design options than materials that are traditionally used in sensors such as polyimide (PI) film.

Aptiv film is FDA compliant, halogen free, flame resistant, recyclable and is compliant with the European RoHS Directive.

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