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Sintral MCF 565 is a mineral-oil-free and chlorine-free synthetic technology that is claimed to be very different to conventional metalworking coolant products.

This metalworking coolant technology can be used on CNCs as a high-performance soluble cutting fluid, offering all the the high-performance lubricity required but with no mineral oil.

The benefits of this technology, apart from high performance for increased tool life and superior surface finish, are that it still provides good slideway/machine lubrication, good corrosion resistance, operator friendly, clean machine tools and a long sump life – Lubriserv claims.

General use includes machining operations on cast iron, carbon steel and alloyed steels, as well as aluminium alloys and copper alloys.

It can be used for machining aluminium and tough alloys, where extreme pressure and lubricity characteristics are required.

The ‘lubrocoolant’ – Sintral MCF 565 is compatible with multi metals, including brass and copper.

Applications include CNC machining and drilling of aerospace alloys, cast-iron pump manufacture, steel-valve production and copper machining.

It has a clean white opaque colour.

Advantages: high EP extreme-pressure characteristics; multi-metal capability; use one coolant throughout the plant; long sump life reduces coolant change outs; lower annual disposal fees; high resistance to bacterial and fungal growth; protects against sticky switches and valves; keeps machines clean yet protected; superior tramp oil rejection for removal of oils, keeping machine and work pieces cleaner; non-staining chemistry; cleaner machines – tolerates hard water; low foam levels, even on high-pressure systems; and excellent corrosion protection.

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