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Elma Electronic has introduced a new digital printing method for painting front panels, which allows the kind of images, colours and possibilities that you would get from a paper digital printer.

The technology allows the aluminium or sheet-metal panels to accept very specific colours and images that were previously not possible.

Further, the cost for printing highly illustrative designs with multiple colours is the same as for just one colour.

In previous screening processes for front panels, each colour is a separate labour step and an additional cost.

Elma’s digital printing enables customers to use more colours within their existing budgets and price points.

Another benefit of the Elma digital printing process is the detail and quality it provides.

Fine images, logos or text can be faded or lost with traditional silk-screening.

The digital process from Elma provides such precision that even very small text and fine detail of a logo comes through clearly.

Further, customers can now apply special gradients, shadows and other effects that were not feasible until now.

As just one process is required for digital printing, even the most elaborate designs save time and reduce costs.

In addition, the simplified process helps to improve quality and reliability, while reducing mistakes.

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