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Metris has launched the Inspect-X 1.6 software, which boosts throughput by increased computed tomography (CT) reconstruction speed and improved general system control.

Inspect-X 1.6 is claimed to further enhance system usability and introduces a faster CT reconstruction engine and support for the latest Perkin Elmer panels.

A new reconstruction engine increases the time to volume and the sample throughput.

Programmed to run on the system’s graphical processing unit (GPU), the engine doubles reconstruction speed on existing hardware.

In combination with the latest hardware on new systems, the reconstruction of a 1,024-pixel cubed volume using 1,800 images is completed in 38 seconds, whereas reconstruction previously lasted two minutes.

A 2,048-pixel cubed volume using 3,600 images is reconstructed in 18 minutes.

The Inspect-X 1.6 software also supports the Perkin Elmer 1621 EHS high-speed panel, in addition to the 1621 and 1620 models that it already supported.

The usability of the system has been improved on various levels; the sample load position is now user programmable so it can be reused for repeated operations.

The auto defocus function allows for higher-power operation without risking target damage.

The CT wizard has been improved to guide the user through the measurement process, including upfront data quality verification, before spending valuable time on data reconstruction and analysis.

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