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Metrode is launching a programme to serve contractors who perform maintenance work on nuclear systems, and fabricators who need to deliver nuclear components under time-constrained conditions.

To meet this need, the company is delivering, from stock, fully tested and certified stainless welding consumables according to RCC-M Add 2007 Section IV.

Historically proven products, such as stick electrode Ultramet 308L(N) and TIG wire 308S92(N) will be available, supplied with a full chemical and mechanical EN 10204 3.1 certificate conforming to RCC-M requirements.

The available product range consists of MMA electrodes, TIG wires for 18.10.L/19.9.L base materials such as 304L, CF3, 1.4306; 19.12.3.L base materials such as 316L, CF3M, 1.4404; and 23.12.L/309L welding consumables for joining stainless steel to C-Mn steel.

The launch of Metrode’s stainless-steel RCC-M programme will give greater security to fabricators of nuclear components under this French Nuclear Code.

The welding consumables are fully compliant and certified to RCC-M, addressing QA/QC concerns for those fabricating stainless nuclear components under time pressure.

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