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Metrohm provides a review of electrodes and their applications.

The Aquatrode Plus is specifically designed for pH measurements and acid/base titrations in ion-deficient, low-conducting samples, such as natural surface waters, deionised water or weakly buffered solutions.

An fixed ground sleeve and electrolyte gel for a reference system and a responsive glass make the Aquatrode Plus suitable for various environments and applications.

The Metrohm Unitrode, which is designed for a range of applications and industries, handles all samples from the difficult – such as dyes, inks, resins, polymers, beverages and suspensions – to the basic, easy-to-measure applications with good performance and stability.

With temperature specifications that reach +100C and a fixed sleeve diaphragm, the Unitrode can handle rough measuring environments.

The Metrohm Solvotrode combination glass reference and pH electrode is specifically designed for use with non-aqueous acid/base titrations, where it was previously necessary to use three- and four-electrode systems due to electrostatic interferences.

The Solvotrode is suitable for monitoring product quality in many areas, including pharmaceutical, petroleum, plastics and edible oil/fat industries.

The Metrohm Biotrode combination reference and pH electrode brings accurate and quick measurements of a larger pH electrode system to small biological samples.

Designed with a 3mm-diameter immersion system for volumes up to 60ul, a platinum wire diaphragm and an Idrolyte electrolyte, the Biotrode now offers reliable pH measurements to biochemical and biological systems.

The Metrohm Ecotrode is a basic-application pH electrode for titration systems.

The Ecotrode is suitable for pH measurements and acid/base titrations.

The Syntrode pH electrode copes with the challenges of the synthesis laboratory, such as long working life, high temperatures and complex, often alkaline, media.

Available in 30cm and 45cm lengths, Syntrode offers a 20ml capacity for electrolytes (translating to longer refill intervals), as well as a sleeve diaphragm for reliable measurements.

Metrohm Titrodes and Microtitrodes combine two measuring electrodes into a metal/glass electrode.

Depending on the titration, one would work as the indicator electrode and the other as the reference.

They are available in Ag/glass for precipitation titrations and Pt/glass for argentometric titrations – neither requires changing pH.

The Itrode and Iconnect Intelligent electrodes and digital inputs will help monitor the system and keep it performing at its best.

Metrohm Surfactrodes are specialised electrodes designed specifically for the analysis of all types of surfactants.

As no universal electrode exists for these particular analyses, Metrohm offers five Surfactrodes to cover the entire spectrum, so users can select the one that is best suited to their particular applications.

Whether determining anionic, cationic or nonionic surfactants, or running analysis in aqueous or in a two-phase medium, Surfactrodes are the most suitable electrodes.

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