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The Spectrosense electrode from Metrohm UK can be used to carry out high-throughput metal analysis using photometric endpoint recognition.

The Metrosensor Spectrosense is designed to optimise automated photometric titration.

Depending on the application, the user chooses one of the two wavelengths available: 523 or 610nm.

Modern LEDs serve as the light source: they have an average operating time of 50,000 hours and their light intensity remains high even after long operating times.

The Spectrosense can be connected directly to a titrator and mounted on a sample processor.

Individual sample racks can accommodate up to 100 samples and the system can be elegantly controlled by Tiamo controlling software.

Metrohm UK has used the Spectrosense to automate Zn and Pb analysis.

For one particular sample, the sample matrix affected the results when using an ion selective electrode for titrations, as there were other metals present that impacted on the results.

The Spectrosense method allowed the user to mirror the original manual analysis, using the prescribed masking solution and buffers while automating the analysis.

The results obtained were highly reproducible.

Titration with photometric endpoint recognition is applied in many titration methods.

It can also be used when: potentiometric endpoint indication is not possible; no suitable potentiometric indicator electrode is available; an official method prescribes photometric indication; the electrode signal is disturbed by sample matrix effects; one wishes to profit from the economical advantages offered by the photometric method compared with more expensive techniques, such as AAS or ICP-AES; and easy handling and quick and precise measurements are of prime importance.

The Spectrosense is robust and easy to handle.

It can be connected to a Titrino or Titrando like an ordinary electrode.

Power is supplied from the stirrer connection of the Titrino or the MSB connection of the Titrando.

If required, an external power adapter can also be used.

To automate the metals analysis, Metrohm UK used a Spectrosense sensor, 836 Titrando and an 815 Sample Processor, all controlled by Tiamo software.

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