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Metrohm provides a technical overview of ion analysis techniques in a series of short monographs.

The first group of theses presents the fundamentals of the various ion analytical methods.

The second group covers important fields of application.

Finally, the third group puts a focus on practical training in analytical methods for university students.

The most recent publications and their Metrohm order numbers are as follows.

The Practical Titration (8.029.5003) tutorial is primarily intended for training purposes but can also be used to advantage in any laboratory.

It is intended to explain the theory in a simple manner and, by using practical examples, demonstrate the versatility and accuracy of titrimetric analyses.

Another monograph on the practical aspects of modern titration (8.015.5003) covers the dimensions of sample preparation, the basic principles of titrimetric analysis and advice on how to perform titrations.

The Practical Ion Chromatography (8.792.5013) monograph demonstrates that IC is not just an analytical exaltation, but that it can provide fast answers to basic questions, for example relating to the suitability of drinking water for baby food; the nitrates present in spinach; and wastewater that is hazardous to the environment.

A separate theoretical part provides the theoretical background to understand the practical aspects.

The 13 experiments described in the Practical Voltammetry (8.757.5003) monograph are intended to introduce the reader to the basic principles of polarography and voltammetry using a mercury electrode and provides examples showing the use of these methods in analytical chemistry.

A monograph on practical thermometric titrimetry (8.036.5003) is intended primarily for practising industrial analytical chemists as an introduction to the technique of thermometric titrimetry.

The main purpose is to describe the basics of the technique as well as a range of applications suitable for use with the 859 Titrotherm thermometric titration system.

Another monograph discussing voltammetric analysis methods in electroplating (8.108.5002) presents 77 methods for determining a range of components in galvanic baths and sewages.

According to a monograph on the analysis of water samples and water constituents with Metrohm instruments (8.038.5001), humans depend on pure and clean water; the most diverse regulations and guidelines have been developed worldwide and have given rise to an independent branch of analytical science.

This monograph explains which parameters and water constituents can be analysed with Metrohm instruments.

A monograph on air monitoring by ion chromatography (8.035.5003) is a literature reference book for different types of air analysis.

Finally, the Water Determination by Karl Fischer Titration (8.026.5003) monograph describes the basics of Karl Fischer titration.

It covers the KF reagents, chemical reactions, volumetric and coulometric titration and various detection methods, along with aspects such as interfering side reactions and sample preparation techniques.

The second part of the monograph contains detailed procedures for the determination of water in different samples and covers more than 900 substances.

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