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Metronor is presenting its new Solospin camera-based co-ordinate measurement system (CMS), which is intended for applications in enclosed areas, at the Control 2010 fair, which ends on 7 May 2010.

Solospin, with its 360deg field of view, is claimed to bring the benefits of handheld probing to applications in enclosed areas, including yacht, aircraft and custom vehicle interiors and documenting and installing piping and tubing in chemical and oil industries.

The patent-pending Solospin system uses the company’s handheld probe in combination with a camera that can be freely rotated to provide an unlimited field of view.

As the camera rotates, the system’s reference is also rotated automatically, enabling measuring in any direction.

Oyvind Roetvold, chief executive officer of Metronor, said: ‘We plan to launch a few variations of Solospin systems tailored for specific applications.

‘For example, quite affordable and very portable systems for yacht, vehicle and other interior work will offer flexibility, convenience and capability to handle both small and larger volumes, beyond what is practical with arm solutions.

‘Higher-performance systems will address critical tooling measurements, such as automotive framing stations,’ added Roetvold.

The Solospin capability can be added to existing Metronor Solo and Duo systems; alternatively, Solospin can be purchased as a turnkey system, which can form the basis for future upgrades to any other Metronor system configuration.

The company can be found in Booth 7126 at Control 2010, which is being held in Stuttgart.

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