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OK International’s MFR-1110 single-port soldering and rework system is suitable for production soldering, touch-up soldering and SMD rework.

The series features Smartheat technology, which responds to the load by delivering the required heat for each connection while protecting components and substrates from damage.

According to the company, it also includes a choice of tools that support PCB and component technologies.

From 1 October to the 31 December 2011, customers who purchase three MFR-1110 units will receive a fourth free of charge.

Key features

  • Cartridge hand piece uses small-diameter cartridges
  • Full range of cartridges, including SMD rework, is included

OK International

OK International has been a leading manufacturer of tools for the electronics assembly work bench for more than 60 years.

OK International traces its roots back to 1946, when it specialised in precision machining of metal parts primarily for the defence industry. In 1996, OK acquired Metcal and Techcon Systems. These acquisitions, along with becoming part of Dover Corporation in November 2000, served to strengthen OK's core competencies in the manufacturing and development of soldering systems.

OK International now serves the needs of the electronics assembly market (under the Metcal brand for premium soldering and array package rework systems, and the OKi brand for mainstream soldering, convection rework, fume extraction and fluid dispensing products) and other industries through our Techcon Systems brand for precision fluid dispensing.

OK International also offers a technology called SmartHeat® Soldering. Unlike conventional soldering irons, SmartHeat® administers heat directly from the heater to the joint, which guarantees total temperature control. To solder a component onto a PCB, it is essential to use the correct level of thermal energy to produce the best quality solder joint.

Headquartered in California, and with global offices in the UK and China, we partner with more than 100 leading local distributors worldwide. 

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