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Link Hamson has introduced the MG 100 Kit Mobile Filter System, presenting Filtronic filter technology in a cost-effective, standalone unit.

The Filtronic filter concept captures all soldering pollutants by using the combination of a HEPA micro filter for particulates in combination with a high-performance gas-separation filter.

Users benefit from polluted process gases being fully captured in the filter and a low sound level.

The MG100 unit is also offered as a package with two extraction arms.

Filtronic filters have been developed considering capture of the polluted air, filtering particulates, dwell time in the gas filter for gas adsorption and disposal of the used filters.

In addition to a HEPA-class micro filter with greater than 99.97 per cent DOP, the filters have a deep bed of gas-filter media consisting of activated charcoal and chemisorbant, to fully adsorb pollutant gas molecules.

The suction capacity is designed to give optimum air velocity and dwell time in the filter to eliminate pollutants.

Gas and particulate filters are integrated into one unit to avoid leakage and to keep particles trapped when changing filters.

The MG Filter systems have a low sound level in the operator zone as it’s below 52dB(A) at 1m, so there is no noise disturbance in the working area.

The Filter systems are mobile and can be moved between workstations as they are independent from fixed installations.

There is minimal service requirement due to brushless motor technology, and long filter lifetime with filter-life indicator.

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