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MG Sanders of Stone has bought a Toshiba BMC800 horizontal machining centre to machine components for the JET Tokamak device.

The Toshiba BMC800 has two 800mm pallets that enable MG Sanders to machine components of up to 1.5 x 1m while the operator is loading/unloading the second pallet.

The four-axis Toshiba BMC800 allows MG Sanders to machine all faces of the workpiece in a single set-up.

Since its introduction, the Toshiba BMC800 has been continually machining parts that often take more than a day just to block square.

The heavy and difficult-to-machine billets cost between GBP3,000 and GBP10,000 a block prior to machining, meaning scrapping parts is not an option.

The BMC800 has an ISO 50 taper spindle driven by a two-step motor that delivers 22kW of power and reaches maximum spindle torque at 159 rev/min.

These attributes are ideal for MG Sanders, as it machines Inconel alloys and additional hard materials at 4mm depths of cut at 250 rev/min.

The deep cutting process demands low revs with high torque and good rigidity, all features of the BMC800.

The BMC800 has a rapid traverse of 18m/min with a maximum feedrate of 10m/min.

The first job for the Toshiba on the JET project will be to machine Inconel carriers.

The carriers will hold tungsten plates that will make up the Divertor strike-point of the JET Tokamak chamber.

The specialist carriers will work in the vessel where plasma temperatures of 100,000,000C are generated.

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