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MHandW has unveiled nanocrystalline cores for use as common-mode chokes to reduce the build volume of damaging motor bearing currents in high-power inverters and turbine generator drives.

Magnetec Cool Blue cores also suppress asymmetrical EMI currents generated by the parasitic currents of motors and their cables.

The result is increased service life of motor bearings, and reduced maintenance and stoppages.

Cool Blue toroid cores are typically placed over the hot legs (L1-L2-L3) of a motor drive cable assembly.

To serve as common-mode chokes, one or more cores are placed over the connector cables in the DC link as well as at the inverter output.

The cores are easily adapted to retrofit maintenance operations as well as installations.

Typical applications are on high-power motors and wind power generating equipment.

All Cool Blue cores are made from iron-based nanocrystalline.

This soft, magnetic material gives superior performance to permalloys, ferrites and other materials, to more effectively reduce build volume on switched power converters and on AC and DC motors.

The cores provide a wide range of permeability, 25,000-90,000 at 10KHz, and a saturation flux density of 1,200mT.

Cool Blue nanocrystalline cores are available in a range of M-type sizes, including round and oblong shapes.

The smallest core for high-power motor applications has an outside diameter of 63mm and inside diameter of 50mm.

The largest core has a 500mm OD and 450mm ID.

The standard thickness of all Cool Blue cores is 30mm.

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