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The WM33 and WM261 relative humidity sensors from Michell Instruments can be used to keep swimming pools dry.

The high levels of humidity caused by the water vapour and heat in indoor swimming pools can create a nightmare for facilities managers.

Without effective dehumidification and ventilation systems to keep the air dry, indoor pools face attack from a host of humidity-related problems such as mould and corrosion – as well as complaints from visitors that it is uncomfortable.

Failure to keep control over levels of humidity may eventually cause structural damage as the warm air carries the moisture into the walls and ceiling.

When combined with chlorine from the pool chemicals, the humid air becomes highly corrosive, attacking both metal and concrete.

When controlling the humidity levels of the air in a pool room, the surface of the pool itself acts as a giant humidifier each time the dew point of the air falls below the temperature of the water.

Without effective dehumidification systems, the air ’sucks’ vapour from the surface of the pool to create just the humid atmosphere you want to avoid.

The WM33 and WM261 from Michell work as an integral part of a dehumidification system to help ensure that the surface temperature of the water remains lower than the air temperature and the relative humidity is kept at a constant 50 to 60 per cent.

Both instruments work effectively with long-term exposure to the aggressive atmosphere created by the pool chemicals.

Michell adds that the sensors are easy to recalibrate and maintain long-term accuracy and reliability.

Michell Instruments

Michell Instruments is an international leader in high-precision sensing with over 35 years’ experience in the field, specialising in instrumentation for dew point, relative humidity and oxygen analysis. The company serves industries as diverse as petrochemical and pharmaceutical to power generation and food processing. The product range includes:

  • High-precision ceramic moisture sensors to measure trace moisture in process applications.
  • Relative humidity transmitters and sensors for use in HVAC applications, pharmaceutical storage and other production processes where controlled environmental conditions are crucial.
  • Humidity calibration systems and reference dew-point hygrometers enable customers to carry out the calibration of portable hygrometers and relative humidity instruments in-house, saving on downtime and costs.
  • Zirconia and thermo-paramagetic oxygen analysers for combustion optimisation, maintaining gas purity, controlling levels of CO2 in breweries and many other applications.
  • Condumax II Hydrocarbon dew point analysers ensure the quality of natural gas at custody transfer, prevent gas burner failure and the prolong the life of process equipment, helping companies save millions of dollars on repairs and downtime.
  • Trace moisture in hydrocarbon liquids analysers are available in explosion-proof and instrinsically safe versions and allow the continuous measurement of moisture content in a wide range of applications from transformer oil, petrochemical factions and pure hydrocarbons.
  • Process moisture analysers provide continuous on-line measurements of trace moisture in process gases and are available as explosion-proof, instrinsically safe and laboratory versions.

Michell Instruments has three manufacturing locations: Oosterhout, The Netherlands; Lyon, France and Ely, UK. The company has an extensive network of factory-trained application engineers, subsidiaries and distributors stretching across 56 countries.

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