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At the Southern Manufacturing show, Micro-Epsilon will present its full range of sensor technologies, including non-contact eddy current and laser displacement sensors, infrared temperature sensors, thermal-imaging cameras, draw-wire sensors, and colour-recognition sensors.

On display will be the Scancontrol 2600/2900 — a 2D/3D laser profile scanner that is compact and lightweight, making it suitable for a wide range of measurement tasks in highly automated production environments.

Other highlights include the EddyNCDT 3100 displacement sensor, which benefits from Micro-Epsilon’s Embedded Coil Technology (ECT) that enables ultra-compact designs to be produced.

The company will also showcase its latest Thermoimager TIM 450 inline infrared thermal imager as well as its Thermometer CSmicro, which it says is one of the smallest infrared temperature sensors currently available, having a diameter of just 14mm.

The stand will stage a number of ‘live’ working demonstrations, where sensors will be set up to capture measurements from a variety of real-world applications. Visitors will also be invited to take part in Micro-Epsilon’s sensor challenge, ‘Measure your Strength’, using the high-precision Capa6200 sensor series.

The Southern Manufacturing show will take place from 12–13 February 2014 in Farnborough. Micro-Epsilon will be at stand V89.

Key product features and benefits

Scancontrol 2600/2900

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Suitable for a wide range of measurement tasks
  • Small enough to be mounted on robot arms or on plant and machines where space is restricted
  • Offers measuring rates of up to 1,280 points per profile
  • Measuring ranges from 53–390mm

EddyNCDT 3100 displacement sensor

  • Benefits from Micro-Epsilon’s Embedded Coil Technology (ECT)
  • Offers extreme mechanical robustness, resulting in longer service intervals and higher temperature stability
  • Suitable for harsh operating environments, including high vibration, impact shocks and high operating temperatures

Thermoimager TIM 450

  • Offers improved image resolution, but also detects even smaller temperature differences
  • Able to capture and store thermal video and images with extremely high optical resolution (382 x 288 pixels) at a full frame rate of 80Hz
  • Provides thermal sensitivity of 40mK

Thermometer CSmicro

  • Diameter of 14mm
  • Electronics unit now fully integrated in the cable
  • Includes an LED for self-diagnostic functions or for displaying the current measured temperature
  • Can be used in a wide range of OEM applications, particularly where installation space is restricted


With over 45 years experience and more than 15,000 customers worldwide, Micro-Epsilon understands the need for accurate, robust, intelligent sensors and measurement systems.

With over 45 years experience and more than 15,000 customers worldwide, Micro-Epsilon understands the need for accurate, robust, intelligent sensors and measurement systems.

If you are measuring any type of displacement / position, temperature, speed or colour parameters, Micro-Epsilon sensors and systems provide market-leading performance, together with the fastest measuring rates, highest operating temperature ranges and smart interface capabilities. From simple, low cost sensors to high volume, customer-specific OEM solutions, Micro-Epsilon will have athe correct measurement solution for your application.

Using both contact and non-contact measurement techniques, Micro-Epsilon boasts one of the largest ranges of displacement sensors including 1D, 2D & 3D laser optical, confocal chromatic, eddy current, capacitive, inductive, draw-wire and time-of-flight technologies. Measuring ranges are from nanometers to kilometers!

For temperature measurement, there is a comprehensive range of non-contact infrared temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras capable of measuring up to that include intelligent software packages to support configuration, analysis and management during the application. LED analysers, fibre optic sensors and Colour recognition sensors measure true colour using L*A*B and CIE.

Micro-Epsilon sensors are used throughout almost all industries: from automotive to aerospace, motorsport to metal production, semiconductor to subsea. Whether it’s an R&D, test, inspection, OEM or a process control application, Micro Epsilon measurement engineers can provide the right measurement solution.

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